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CytoCan - A Platform for Biologics with Multispecificity Targeted IO Therapy.

We are a team dedicated to turning hope into medicine and accelerating First-in-Class innovation!


A novel platform technology to produce cancer cell-targeting immunotherapeutic proteins with multispecificity.


CytoCan is devoted to develop life-changing multispecific proteins to help patients fight cancer. We envision a near future where cancer is a controllable disease. Patient can live with cancer with no fear.


A novel modular platform technology to produce cancer cell-targeting proteins with multispecific functions. By targeting immune cytokines precisely to cancer cells, our fusion proteins help reduce the risk of unintended systemic side effects.


AbZed: A revolutionary humanized IgG binding domain serving as the critical connector for functional modules.


By identifying the unmet medical needs and difficult-to-treat cancers, we design targeted immune therapies to better help patients. By targeting therapies to cancer cells, the new class of therapies reduce systemic and unintended side effects.


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CytoCan is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on creating multispecific fusion proteins with a modular platform called AbZed.

Building a LEGO platform for multispecific biologics

CytoCan is devoted to creating First-in-Class medicines to bring benefit to patients. As a modular platform, the AbZed fusion proteins contain three modules: affinity, connector, and cytokine modules. By switching to new antibody fragments or ligands, we can create therapeutic proteins for a new cancer targets. The cytokine module can also be replaced with an affinity module to develop a bi-specific antibody-like protein.

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Press Release - CytoCan received seed round investment


Check our Pipeline

Our Pipeline includes the next generation multispecific HER2, EGFR and TROP targeted therapies.

Pipeline Early Discovery Preclinical IND Enabling Phase I Clinical Trial Indications
CC-001 HER2_AbZed
breast cancer, gastric cancer
CC-002 EGFR_AbZed
head & neck cancer, colorectal cancer
CC-003 Trop-2_AbZed
breast cancer


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